Yvonne Nelson Reveals Why She Is Not Married

Actress Yvonne Nelson says she is laid back about marriage because she does not want to get married and divorce later.

In Ghana currently, peoples marriages have hit a snag weeks or months after glamorous weddings.

Speaking to this issue, the actress said she does not understand why people will spend so much on weddings just to divorce in a matter of weeks.

She said while advising the public that “People marry and six months it’s over. I don’t wanna mention names. So all the wedding everything is gone? The cake, limousine, and all done? They can walk away just like that? No marriage has to be like that. If you are not ready, don’t do it…”.

The actress expressed her interest in white weddings saying“If it happens, fine. The timing has to be right. I have a baby but i don’t wanna rush into it. A woman can’t marry herself so if it happens yeah…”.

She added: “If I feel like I should do it, yes. But now I don’t know maybe. It’s confusing. If I am gonna do it, there is no turning back. I don’t wanna marry and divorce. I wanna marry for the right reasons…”.

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