‘You’re So Poor’ – Counselor Lutterodt Slams Hitz FM Presenter

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Popular host of Accra-based Hitz FM, Prince Tsegah, on Tuesday got a shock of his life after self-styled marriage counselor and relationship expert, George Lutterodt, launched a scathing attack on him in a live radio interview.

According to an Abrantepa.com report, the radio presenter in his quest to interrogate Counselor Lutterodt about recent damning comments he made against controversial TV host, Afia Schwarzenegger, got tempers flared on air.

Reports say, the marriage counselor who was obviously not happy about Mr Tsegah’s line of questioning labeled him as someone whose mentality is clouded with poverty.

Counselor Luttorodt has earlier alleged that, Afia Schwarzenegger is now struggling to find a responsible man to father her children, and therefore decided to go for Lawrence Abrokwa to feed and keep him at home.

A situation George Luttorodt said should have been an ‘exact opposite in marriage, where a man was the one responsible for his wife.

His comment, which ‘scratched the back’ of the outspoken comedienne, forced her to jab Counselor Luttorodt in a similar fashion.

Afia Schwarzenegger in her response described the counselor as a misfit who cannot be counted as a ‘real man’.

The controversial TV host in an Instagram post jabbed that, “George Lutterodt you think some of us don’t know how your wife gave u money to marry her. Or you think we don’t know that she fed you for years and still feeding you. Well my friend was your neighbor so be careful”.

The TV host added that, “take several seats with your foolishness and shut up. When you talk about real men I cry because you are not one. Real men don’t beg to feed their family, begging from Fadda Dickson to Prophet Kobi. I guess every man can do that.”

But Counselor Luttorodt responding to Afia’s claims on Prince Tsigah’s show insisted that, “My wife is very rich but not richer than me; I’m in charge of my home.”

Prince Tsegah in a comment said, “Lutterodt, I don’t see you as a rich man.”

His comment then angered the counselor, “You see, poverty has clouded your mentality. You’ve been so poor to the extent that when you see rich people, you can’t identify,” George Lutterodt replied the radio host.

Despite the jab, Prince Tsegah went on to state that he was “very surprised that Lutterodt thinks he is rich.”

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