We Won’t Rest Until Justice is Served – Katanga Alumni to Drag Police ‘Bullies’ to Court

The Katanga Alumni of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) have registered their displeasure at the brutality meted out to some students of the University recently.

In a statement, the alumni have declared their intention to drag the police officers involved in that inhumane act to court.

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They have vowed never going to rest until the perpetrators are brought to book and justice served.

In a video aired on TV3, some police officers in Asokwa, Ashanti Region were captured beating up the students.

The video has since gone viral and has garnered much talk on social media.

There have been calls by some Ghanaians on the universtiy’s authorities and the Ghana Police to take immediate action on the unfortunate incident.

The Police were captured physically assaulting the students after a clash between the Katanga and Unity Hall residents at Tech Junction.

Consequently, eight students were reportedly arrested.

These students were charged with rioting and causing damage to some vehicles.

However, they were later released to the security coordinator of the university.

Both Katanga and Unity Halls have long time been perceived to be rivals.

Therefore, the recent friction between them was not anything new for the police to act that way, the alumni lamented.

The statement was signed by Gideon Owusu-Yeboah, the President of Katanga Alumni, Kumasi Chapter.

It indicated that the students who were brutalized by the police never engaged in any criminal act to merit such cruelty.

Therefore, the union is on standby to offer whatever assistant the affected students may need, according to the statement.

It also disclosed the alumni’s decision to assist the Ghana Police in investigations.

Acknowledging the existence of the rivalry, the Katanga Alumni also promised to all stakeholders involved to address the issue of rivalry amongst the two halls.

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