Women Only: 19 Clever Ways All Ghanaian Women Can Keep Their Man In 2018

We are in a new year and this means new resolutions and plans to live a fulfilled and smooth lifestyle especially when it comes to your personal relationships.

All the 19 tricks, tips and wild advice you need to keep your man in 2018

We have been feeding you with basic tips on what to do whenever there are challenges in your relationship. We thank you all for reading these bits of advice but in this article, we bring you some basic tips on how to sustain the relationship with your man in this year of 2018. We hope this article sees you through the year.

1. Give him the space to operate

2. Never force him to do things he has not planned to do

3. Give him all the support he needs to be a successful man

4. Always give him a listening ear

5. Never compare him to other guys

6. Be at your best whenever, wherever

7. Never underestimate your man, he is more than you think he could be

8. Be a woman, not a mother

9. Never force him to marry you

10. Never come between him and his mother

11. Prioritize communication over anything else

12. Never rely on him for financial report

13. You are not married, stop acting like a wife

14. No need staying in his home

15. Own your life, don’t let him be the center of your financial independence

16. Always remember his birthday

17. Push him to become his better self

18. Don’t sacrifice your peace for love

19. If he abuses you, break up.

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