Wild Sense Of Creativity In Artistry – See What Award-Winning Rapper Did To His Instagram Profile Recently!!

Award-winning versatile rapper, Okyeame Kwame has made them acclaim his wild feeling of inventiveness in an aestheticness done on his Instagram profile as of late.

In what shows up a well-thoroughly considered feel, he has collaged an arrangement of photographs into a picture of a regal African setting.

The last item shows a scene of an enthusiastic sitting of a Queen mother flanked by gatekeepers, went to by royal residence fellows and cleaning specialists, and graced by the rapper who evidently accept his position as etymologist.

The presence of rich Pan-African artifacts; the ‘fontomfrom’, the Adinkra symbols plated in gold, the expensive clothing (paralleled with Western outfits), exposes a rich, enviable African heritage.

The concept is also an illustration of the matrilineal system of the Akan tradition where authority is vested in the Queen. Here, there is a perfect representation of the indispensability of the woman in our everyday life. She is positioned as a central pivot of any institution.

This panorama is a composite of cut-out parts of a photo, reassembled in series on the instagram page. The art, apart from communicating the beauty of the African tradition speaks of Okyeame as an artiste inspiring creative difference in the most unpredictable way.

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