We should finish what has been started together – President Mahama arouses electorate

President John Dramani Mahama has encouraged the electorate to move forward in solidarity and continue through to the end of improvement he and his legislature has championed in the course of recent years as opposed to falter over the unanchored guarantees of progress by a little gathering of individuals.

He said the undertaking of building up the country ought to be sought after to its consistent end or Ghanaians would get to be as a complimenting banner that alters course with each move of the wind.

The President decided while tending to supporters of the National Democratic Congress who had filled both stands and inward edge of the Accra Sports Stadium at the gathering’s Greater Accra local last rally on Monday, in front of the 2016 general decisions on Wednesday.

President Mahama said on Wednesday when Ghanaians go to the surveys, they confront a straightforward decision – either to finish what has been started and produce on with assurance and combine every one of the increases that have been made in the course of the most recent four years, or surrender and start again on another course which ensures no achievement.

“These are the two decisions we confront in the race on Wednesday and it is for Ghanaians to make an assurance which of the two they would pick”, he said.


The president said numerous auxiliary changes in view of even minded counsel from some good natured Ghanaians and of fluctuated influences have been actualized and which must be kept on yielding the fancied outcomes.

“We have made unassuming increases in settling our economy, settling our energy emergencies and enhancing our social and financial framework. We have done much work in this nation Ghana, however more should be done and we can just progress quicker in the event that we press on and finish what has been started. We can just progress quicker on the off chance that we press on and finish what has been started, that is the way we can merge the additions we have made”, President Mahama advised.

He emphasized that the history of developed nations show that new challenges always crop up when existing ones are resolved and that there is never an end to challenges for any nation, including the strongest and richest nation on earth.

“And so it doesn’t mean that when you confront challenges, you must give up, back off, go and start afresh. No!”

President Mahama said the achievements of the government over the past four years were well documented and needed not waste the time in recounting them, choosing rather to summarize same as stabilizing the economy, resolving the power challenges and significantly improving the social and economic infrastructure.

“I intend in my next opportunity to serve, by the will of God and the Ghanaian people, to focus on continuing the investments that we have made in improving our infrastructure and bringing our infrastructure up to middle income status. I also intend to focus on livelihoods and empowerment for the Ghanaian people and growing the Ghanaian private sector. I will use government’s muscle to help the Ghanaian private sector to capture the commanding heights of the Ghanaian economy”, he assured.

President Mahama also assured to continue to be president for all Ghanaians, opening up opportunities to all irrespective of political, religious or ethnic affiliation, and remain a unifier to bring all together and not tear the people apart.

“I humbly ask for your mandate on Wednesday, 7th December 2016, to complete the journey which we all started together”, he said.

Best Campaign Ever
President Mahama who began his address with the song “Unto the Lord be the glory, great things He has done”, asked the electorate to go and vote early for the National Democratic Congress on Wednesday for a resounding victory, saying God is on the side of the party and will grant it victory.

Describing the party’s 2016 electioneering campaign as the best he has ever experienced in his life, he thanked all party followers and grassroots for their selfless enthusiasm, saying the coming victory will be dedicated to them for being heroes.

He said the government has not been complacent in spite of its achievements which he said has made the party followers proud, but has been campaigning for re-election as though it was in opposition.

“Today NDC is the most united, it is the most dedicated, it is the most committed, it is the most beautiful, it is the most brotherly party in the political firmament of Ghana”, President Mahama chorused to wild cheers from the crowds.

Thank you all
President Mahama thanked God for his mercy, protection and guidance for the campaign and for guiding his steps as a young, idealist politician to a more battle-hardened, mature person that he now is, thanking God also for His mercy on the nation and favour on Ghana.

“Ghana has been in safe hands under my watch as president, and Ghana has continued to be the most peaceful and stable nation in the whole of Africa”, he said.

He paid tribute to former President Jerry Rawlings for his good counsel and vision which he said has served him and the nation well, as well as to the late Prof J.E.A. Mills for his offer to him to serve as running mate and subsequently vice president. He said he drew great inspiration from Prof Mills’ peace-loving disposition and his gentle nature.

“I thank God and the good people of Ghana for the opportunity I was given to serve as your president. We have been through trying and challenging times together over the last four years. Over the last four years I’ve given of my best as president of this great republic and also as candidate in the lead up to Wednesday’s elections. Now the rest is in the hands of the people of Ghana and the will of the almighty God. I place my destiny in your hands, and I place my destiny in the hands of God and the Ghanaian people”, quoting also from scripture (Joshua 1:5) to emphasize that with God on his side and on the side of the party, victory was assured.

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