Video: Young Ghanaian Man Develops App for Purchase of Electricity

A young Ghanaian has designed an app which allows electricity consumers to make purchases from the comfort of their homes.

Kane Mani is a passionate app developer whose drive to make electricity purchase easy has led him and his team to create this app.

The ‘E-prepaid’ as it is called allows you to purchase electricity just by logging onto the said app.

In an exclusive interview with Joy News, Mr. Mani explains that he was motivated to design such an app due to the difficulty that customers sometimes go through to get to pre-paid vendors.

He narrated his own situation where he once had to walk all the way from Ajiriganor to American House in East Legon just to purchase electricity.

After that day, it occurred to me that if I had this problem then others might too,” he said.

The app facilitates the purchase of power between the client and the vendors without the client having to necessarily go the vending point.

This allows you to purchase the units any time of the day or night, no worrying about whether or not the vendors have closed,” he added.

According to Mr. Mani, he and the co-founder of the app had to drop out of school to start this initiative.

He, however, admitted that it is fetching them so much money, but was quick to add that the app is not a subsidiary of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).

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