VIDEO Shows A Government Ambulance Being Hidden in a Garage in the Midst of Nationwide Shortage

Over the past two or three months nothing has been discussed as much as the deteriorating Ghanaian healthcare system.

At the forefront of the discussion — the pathetic fact that the entire country of Ghana, with a population close to 30m, is being served by 55 ambulances.

The ratio is even too disgraceful to calculate.

In the midst of this shortage, a video we’ve spotted seems to show an ambulance which looks to be in perfectly good condition left rusting in a garage.

According to reports the ambulance is at the Pantang Hospital in Accra and from the video one can clearly see it has been in the garage a while and was now being dusted off to be used.

It’s near criminal for an ambulance, in presumably working conditions, to have been neglected like that in such a time of crisis. But then, this is Ghana so it’s just par for the course.

Whatever the case may be with this particular ambulance — even the fact that months after the issue of ambulances entered the media fray nothing concrete has still been done about it tells you all you need to know about this country.

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