Video: See What Serwaa Of Yolo Fame Was Caught Doing In A Hotel Room With A Nigerian Actor

Serwaa of Yolo Fame caught Shaking her bum to Nigerian comic actor and movie producer, Imeh Bishop in a hotel.

In a private video that has gone viral, Fella Makafui known in the Yolo series as Serwaa was captured shaking her “bumbum” to the Nigerian comic actor and movie producer, Imeh Bishop popularly known as Okon Lagos.

In the video that you are going to watch later , the comic actor was enjoying a meal whiles Fela was pictured shaking her bum directly in his front as he stared at her like he was aroused.

He later stood up and joined her in dancing as the music advanced.

Comedian Imeh Bishop has technically joined the list Nigerian artistes showing support to MC Galaxy on the promotion of his new single titled ‘Shupe’ – a sensational dance track just like ‘Sekem’ that was featured as Disney soundtrack.

At the end, Okon was heard mocking the traditional dance step designed for the song by the singer, MC Galaxy who is also into active dancing.

Watch the video:


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