Video of Woman Preparing Plastic Yam Hits the Internet

In the video, a couple claims they bought the yam from the market to prepare for their children only to realize that it was a rubber yam.

Interestingly, the said rubber yam looks just like real yam, and it has been sliced and made ready for the fire.

Tubers of original yam. Photo source:

Both the man and his wife squeezed the yam and water drops from it as they did so.

According to the woman, it was when she was washing the sliced yam that she realized that it was fake.

Therefore, she decided to blow the alarm to alert others to be on the lookout when they go shopping for food items.

The accent of the couple indicates that they are Nigerians.

Newsmen cannot say if the plastic yam has found its way onto the Ghanaian market because so far no such alarm has been raised by anyone.

Sometime ago, an alarm was also raised on an plastic rice allegedly hitting the Ghanaian market.

However, both the Food and Drug Authority (FDA) and Ghana Standard Authority (GSA) rubbished the reports claiming that no plastic rice had been allowed into the country.

The two institutions allayed the fears of Ghanaian, assuring that they were wide alert to things that are imported into the country, especially, with regards to food items.

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