VIDEO: Miner Who “Put His Life Down For NPP” Curses Nana Addo As His Excavators Get Burnt!!

The current administration lead by President Nana Addo resolving to fight against illegal mining at all cost with all means doesn’t seem to augur well for some supporters of the ruling political party.

A taskforce commissioned by the government last week, dubbed “Operation Vanguard” has been cracking down on illegal miners in Ghana.

In one of the swift swoops by the taskforce, the excavators suspected to have been used by some illegal miners were set ablaze.

Miner who "put his life down for NPP" curses Nana Addo as his excavators are burnt

Miner who “put his life down for NPP” curses Nana Addo as his excavators are burnt

A video of the burning excavators has since taken over the Ghanaian social media scene.

In the video, a man, suspected to be an illegal miner, is seen raining curses on the NPP and Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

The visibly angry miner stated in the video that he had laid down his life for the NPP during the 2016 General Elections campaign period.

He asked the president how he would survive as his main tools of getting income had been destroyed by the government.

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