Video: Ibrah Has Just Put His Wardrobe on Social Media, and His Perfumes Alone Can Buy a House and Car

This week, news about the arrest of popular young millionaire, Ibrah, went viral and since then many discoveries are being made about his wealth and the kind of lifestyle he lives.

In the video sighted on the Facebook wall of Hitz FM, Ibrah talks about the brands of perfume he uses and their cost.

Ibrah by one of his many luxurious cars

Interestingly, one of the brands has Ibrah’s own name “Ibrah One” customized on it.

He ended his wardrobe ‘inspection’ by saying put together all his perfumes, the price can afford to buy a car.

It would not be any surprise if indeed Ibrah got that perfume made specially for him; afterall, he lives in an estate which has his name “Ibrahville”, according to reports.

Ibrah was allegedly arrested on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 by the Interpol.

However, he sworn not to go down alone, and threatened to expose all people with him in the money laundering business.

Ibrah is reported to have said he wants to meet with President Akufo Addo because he has names of powerful government officials who work with him.

Meanwhile, information available has it that Ibrah was arrested with eight other people for the same offenses of money laundering.

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