Veteran Actor, Kuntu Blankson of Akan Drama Fame Commits Suicide

Veteran Ghanaian actor Kuntu Blankson has died after reportedly taking his own life.

Blankson was found in the early hours of today, July 12th, hanging on a rope tied to the roof of his kitchen in his Cape Coast residence.

Blankson was a regular member of the venerated Akan Drama troupe and also served as a laboratory technician with the University of Cape Coast Hospital.

According to his family, he wakes up at dawn every morning to jog and everyone thought he had gone out for his daily routine.

Instead they found him dead in his kitchen wearing the tracksuit he usually puts on for jogging.

Kuntu was 63 and leaves behind his wife and three kids.

His body has been carried away for autopsy whilst police have commenced investigations into the death.

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