Use Social Media Wisely and Stop Begging Me for Money – Fella Makafui

A post has been recently which was made by controversial actress Fella Makafui warning off some people she claims are begging her for money on social media.

In the post, Fella wrote that she would not hesitate to block the beggars if they come with funny stories of how they need financial support.

We cannot say if people are indeed flooding Fella Makafui’s direct message (DM) to beg her for money, but since she has spoken about it, then it means it is a challenge she is actually facing.

Fella Makafui wrote: “If I ever see you sending messages to my dm telling me “you are from a poor family” your mother is this…your school fees is that eerh waliaaaa I will block you.”

According to Fella, most of these beggars do not use their time on social media wisely.

She added that instead of making good use of their time, these beggars jump from one page to the other to comment on every post on social media, and in the end add no value to their life.

You spend hours on social media jumping from one page to another commenting on every post.. checking which celebrity’s gist is out for you to gossip…but you don’t know that same time could be use for business on this same platform?” Fella Makafui wrote in seeming anger.

Fella's post. Photo credit: Sourced

Fella’s post. Photo credit: Sourced

Fella has been in the news recently following an allegation that an ex-boyfriend of hers was angry and shut down her East Legon wine shop.

But Fella rubbished the report, claiming that she was only relocating.

She was also in the news following an alleged ‘adult’ video which was leaked by that same angry boyfriend.

However, Fella again refuted the allegation, saying she is not the lady in the video.

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