Touching: Father Raises Quadruplets Alone After Wife Dies During Childbirth in 2015

In January 2015, a man had been blessed with four beautiful children but at the same time he had lost his wife after childbirth. The man Carlos Morales was left to raise their children alone.

The quadruplets are now 3 years old and they are doing really good. At the beginning after Morales brought his children home in March 2015, four months after they were born, the single father received lots of support from people who were moved by his story.

He had received numerous gifts from American comedian and television host, Steve Harvey. The man also received ten thousand dollars for each child to start their college savings.

The quadruplets were named Carlos Jr, Tracey, paisley and Erica (named after their mother). As the kids are all grown and on their way to turn four years, Morales goes back to work.

According to The HeartySoul, despite the fact that going back to work is good for the single father, it has also been hard because reminds him of his wife.

He said: “That’s when Erica used to text me and ask how my day was going, It’s on my way home that I realize she won’t be there when I walk in the door.”

However, he also revealed that the sadness goes away the moment he thinks of his children. He said: “I just wish Erica was here to see them crawl and see them start to walk. There are going to be so many more firsts she won’t be around for.”

The single father thanked his friends and family for their support. He said: “They have such potential and it’s my job to give them a great life, but I couldn’t do it without my family and friends.”

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