Top Politicians, Pastors Come To Me For Human Parts – Mortuary Man Makes Stunning Revelation

A mortuary attendant at one of the nation’s top hospitals has said that some prominent people in the country approach him for human parts, we can report.

The mortuary man, who spoke to on the condition of anonymity, said respected people in society approached him frequently to buy human parts.

He said the individuals made huge monetary offers to him in exchange for the body parts of corpses at the mortuary, but he constantly rejected their proposals.

The mortuary man said he believed that the people wanted the human parts for rituals to boost their wealth, popularity or business.

He said even pastors approached him for the body parts.

“A lot of them come but I don’t give them. The ritualists and people you least expect all come around but I am afraid they will land me into trouble so I don’t give in to their demands. Even some time pastors do come but I stand my grounds and refuse, irrespective of the amount they offer,” he said.

He went on to urge Ghanaians to be humble and lead responsible lives because, according to him, life is short.

“I have seen a lot of dead bodies in this world and what I can advise is that human beings should be submissive. The arrogant ones should bear in mind that life is not all about that. I honestly pity such persons”, he said.

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