Top 6 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have Lost Their Shine With Time!! – #5 Is Very Sad, He Was Quite Gifted….

The Ghana music industry is not as it used to be a few years back. I mean back when you can hit the stream with any song. It’s now very competitive and Ghanaians are more decerning with the type of song the listen to and hype.

Being among the A-list musicians and losing it is difficult to bear but not as frustrating as trying and come back and keeps failing.

We’ve gone through some five major Ghanaian music celebrities who were very popular few years back but have lost their shine now. Some of them were and are still talented just that they can’t seem to get that track that will bounce them back

Eugene (Choirmaster)

It looks like just Prayer Tintin, Prayer Tietia, Eugene aka Praye Honeho aka Choirmaster’s career came to an end with the collapse of the Prayer group. They were one of the fantastic groups in Ghana with several wards and bangers to their name.

But they couldn’t sustain as bickering and unnecessary nagging collapsed their group and none of them has been able to find his feet. Eugene who was the leader and perceived by many as the best among the rest couldn’t make it as a solo artist. He has tried a couple of comebacks but he is yet to recover. He has lost his shine.



Asem was very popular back in the day, In and around 2008 – 2009. When he came out with his hit song “Give Me Blow” produced by Richie of Lynx Entertainment.

It was around that time he was involved in rape issue. After which not much was heard from him until last year when his photos were circulating on Social media showing Asem who has lost weight drastically and frankly a bit ugly. According to him, he is on slimming course…lol



Tinny, was very popular not more than 5 years ago. He had several popular songs and his mastery of the Ga language rap was simply amazing. But it looks like he couldn’t stand the competition when younger faces popped up in the industry.

He has tried several means to bounce back but is not clicking. He has even tried to stage fake news just to be relevant but still. I feel for him you know.


Tic Tac

Not long ago, who were to talk of Ghana rap game without mentioning Tic Tac’s name. He was the game. And his fans loved him for his hit songs.

But last few years have seen him fading out of the industry. He has lost his shine and barely counted as a musician. He never learned to adapt and move with the flow. He Refused to change and he has been left behind. how unfortunate.


Samini is my man, I love his style, I love his dope songs and his stagecraft, But the truth is he has lost his shine within the last few years. He used to dominate the Dancehall game and Ghana music in general

But it looks like the competition is too tough for him. The introduction of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy, and the other guys seems to have crippled him. Undoubtedly he is still talented and I pray he bounce back before he fades off completely.


Irene Logan

This lady after “Stars of the future ” was perceived by many to be the star that will take Ghana music to the world. She was signed to Lynx Entertainment just like Asem. Right after the show, she released “Runaway” which featured Asem

She made name for herself but that was it, She began to gradually fade. But was completely off the scene after she broke ties with her record label. She has tried cou[lemof comebacks but it is not working. Even her runner-up at the stars of the future, Efya is doing amazingly in the industry


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