Top 4 Tips for Single Moms to Make Your Life Easier

Taking care of children as a single mother is no easy feat.  It’s your job and your job alone to make sure that everyone is fed, clean, rested, and loved.  Having the weight of the full responsibility of making sure that your children are raised properly is a huge responsibility.

Single Moms

Unfortunately, for most of us, this isn’t our full-time job.  Part of being able to care for our kids means having to work full time as well.  Consider being a mom a 75 hour a week job on top of what you have to do to make money.

Therefore it’s essential to keep an eye out for any possible way to make your parenting life easier.  Take a look at some of these stress relieving ideas for making sure your kids are taken care of while you simultaneously take care of everything else on the agenda as well.

Get Life Insurance

As a single mom, you know that if anything were to happen to you it would be a devastating event for your children and for you.  Who would take care of them? Perhaps you don’t have any immediate family to lean on.

Investing in a life insurance policy is the best way to give yourself peace of mind knowing that your little ones are going to be taken care of if anything should ever happen.

There are a variety of different policies and companies that you can go with.  Consider shopping around and looking at what the best price and features work for you and your family.

Child Care Swaps

Paying for babysitters and daycare can add up.  In some states, child care can cost as much as $2000 a month just for part time care!  Babysitting when paid hourly adds up extremely quickly leaving us wondering why we are even working since its coming straight out of our paycheck and into the babysitters.

A great way to alleviate this cost is to connect with other parents and set up a child care swap group.  This is a great way to create a support system and help other moms and dads out too.

When you’re home on Friday nights other parents are wanting to go out.  Whereas you really need to do your grocery shopping Tuesday afternoons and one of your fellow parents happens to be available then.

By working with each other’s schedules and helping everyone out, you can save a great deal of money as a team.

Get a Gym Membership

A gym membership is a great way to release yourself from tension and stress by working up a sweat, and additionally getting childcare!   Many gyms offer day cares within the facility for a small monthly fee.

Use this to your advantage! Go get on that treadmill and treat yourself right while simultaneously getting a break!

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