Top 10 Most Powerful Currencies In Africa – Ghana’s Cedi #?

A currency is the legal exchange for goods and services in a country. It also reflects the current situation and strength of the economy of that country in comparison with other countries in the world.

The value of a currency in respect to anther greatly determines the level of satisfaction a person derives from it. All African countries have a specific currency specific to it, that it use as a legal tender to transact business and for foreign exchange.

Here are the 10 strongest currencies in Africa:

1. Libyan Dinar – R8.53

strongest African currencies

The dinar (Arabic: دينار ) is the currency of Libya. Perhaps it’s oil which is keeping things afloat but one Libyan Dinar will set you back around R8.53 currently, making it the strongest currency in Africa.

2. Ghanaian Cedi – R3.79

strongest African currencies

Another surprising example of a strong African currency, is Ghana’s Cedi. Ghana is well known for its extensive natural resources, namely Gold from it’s Ashanti region. The Cedi is actually in it’s 3rd rendition under the same name as the currency has been revalued a couple of times. The most recent revaluation was 2007 and it’s lost almost 50% of it’s value against the Rand since then, so the current rate of R3.79 for 1 Cedi shouldn’t last long.

3. South African Rand

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