Top 10 Houses You Haven’t Seen Before!!

Upside-Down House

Upside-Down HouseSituated in Szymbark, Poland, this original piece of architecture flips modern concepts of homes right on their heads. While living here would prove to be difficult on account of the furniture being mounted to the ceiling—or should that be the floor? It provides tourists a mental trip as they absorb the unusual sight around them. And the interior design is anything but modern with shades of green and pink plastering the walls of the first-floor bedrooms. The house took 114 days to complete, with the designer, Daniel Czapiewski, apparently coming up with the idea as a statement about communism and the state of the world.

The Flintstones House

the flintstone house

This homage to the classic cartoon the Flintstones had been worth a whopping $3.25-million before the price was reduced to $2.995-million located in sunny Malibu, California, this one-bedroom, two-bathroom home occupies 2,500 square feet with an interior adorned with custom Flintstones-inspired furniture and decor. Everything from the tables to counters is made of stone to represent its source material. The late Dick Clark originally had it built for his wife but it is now up for sale for any dedicated fans. If that’s not impressive enough, the property even includes its own private beach.

Exploding Houses

Exploding Houses

Two artists from Houston transformed a bungalow that was set for demolition into a wonderful work of art. Using boards from the outside of the house, they created a vortex style tunnel that runs from the front door to the backyard. Their vision was to create a home that looked like it was being sucked into a black hole.

Wooden Skyscraper House

Wooden Skyscraper House

Former Russian gangsters know how to get things done, and Nikolai Sutyagin is no exception. He began building this skyscraper with the intention of it being a two- story house, but that quickly changed when he visited japan and Norway and realized he could better utilize the roof space. The rest is history. The multi-millionaire had kept adding floors to try and quench his dissatisfaction with his creation, and it ended up being a 13-story, 144-foot-tall abode. Unfortunately, the wooden tower has since been demolished after Sutyagin went to jail and the city of Arkhangelsk deemed it was a fire hazard

Bubble House

Bubble House

This futuristic-looking home may, in fact, be the coolest living space in the world. Designed in the 70s and built in France, this home has deep roots in the arts with fashion designer Pierre Cardin owning the place and Hungarian architect Antti Lovag designing it. It’s so impressive that the french ministry of culture has listed the “bubble house” as a historic monument. The interior is spacious and oval in shape throughout, providing plenty of natural light and entrances to various rooms, one even leading directly over the outside pool so you can take a dive if you so choose. The windows are aplenty and were strategically placed and shaped to accent the beautiful volcanic Cote d’Azur landscape.

Elephante and Hippodome HouseEliphante and Hippodome House

 This creative piece of architecture houses artist Michael Kahn and his wife Leda Livant. The couple built their unique abode by using found materials over a period of 28 years. That’s a lot of time to invest in a single home, but the result is truly breathtaking. The interior boasts an earthy aesthetic that is complimented by wooden decor. True to its theme, the entrance resembles that of an elephant trunk, thus its name. The incorporation of rocks and scraps from construction sites creates a one-of-a-kind look as if that wasn’t enough, ms. Livant’s residence on the property has been dubbed the “hippodome” because it looks like a hippo emerging from a lake.

Foam House

Foam House

 Surrounded by beautiful landscape and adorned with vintage decor, this curvilinear, two-bedroom, three-bath home is one of a kind and unashamed to stray from modern style. It’s made entirely of polyurethane foam, too, so it’s literally a foam house. Built in 1969, this cozy abode brazenly displays its inspirations with its curvy and unorthodox interior. While the exterior lacks vibrant colors, it more than makes up for it with its fascinating architecture and bright, non-linear inner style. If you’re a fan of the 70s and love homes full of character and originality, it’s hard not to consider this one of the coolest houses on the planet.
Water Tower HouseWater Tower House

This water tower-turned-single family apartment has been erect over 100 years, even having the distinction of housing nazi soldiers during world war ii. If you’re not turned off by that piece of history, this unordinary apartment is actually quite impressive. It stands 100-feet above land and had been in service until 1990. Since then, it has undergone repairs to improve its foundation. The Bham Design Studio took on the project in 2007 before making it available to potential consumers. The family lucky enough to call this home now has access to a top floor terrace that overlooks the Belgian village of Steenokkerzeel.

The Hobbit House


Built in wales and constructed with natural materials and a mere $5,200 budget, this lord of the rings inspired abode is a sight to behold. Simon dale, who constructed the homage with the help of friends, estimates about 1000 to 1500 man hours invested into the project, and even more impressive, they only used a chainsaw, a one-inch chisel, and a hammer. The living space was actually dug into the hillside and utilizes mud and stone to form sturdy walls and a foundation. Even more impressive, the fridge functions on the air coming from underground and the entire house is powered through solar panels. While it isn’t a replica of Bilbo Baggins’ cozy abode, it’s sure to make any hobbit feel right at home.

Fallingwater House

Waterfall-HouseThis home originates from a bear run in Pennsylvania and was designed by architect Frank Lloyd wright to make the waterfall beneath it the focal point of the property. This place is so beautiful that the Smithsonian actually listed it among the “28 places to visit before you die” life list. Built between 1936 and 1939, Fallingwater is now a national historic landmark and one of America’s most famous properties. The residence accentuates the surrounding foliage and flowing water by having a bevy of rectangular, modern windows to help its visitors absorb the natural beauty. The interior is spacious and decorated with wooden furniture to match its nature aesthetic. This homestead is not only incredibly unique, it’s an architectural triumph.

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