Togolese Flee To Ghana For Asylum Through Chereponi

The recent political upheavals in neighbouring Togo has compelled hundreds of its citizens particularly women and children to run for cover in Ghana.

Reports indicate that some of the Togolese are currently seeking refuge at the Chereponi district in the Northern Region.

Togo had been relatively peaceful for some years now after the demise of the father of the incumbent President, Eyadema who was widely considered as a tyrant.

The present turbulence has however erupted following protests by opposition members calling for an end to the Gnassingbe family’s hegemony.

togo protestors.jpg

The District Chief Executive of Chereponi, Abdul Razak Tahiru reportedly confirmed that about 300 Togolese are seeking refuge in his jurisdiction.

He said while some of the refugees are living with their relations in Chereponi, his outfit has camped others at isolated places where humanitarian services have been extended to them.

“Majority of the refugees are living with their extended family relations and friends and we are providing them food, blankets and other valuables to ensure their comfort and safety.”

As to whether the arrival of the Togolese refugees has any negative security implications for the country, the DCE said law enforcement agencies in the area, especially immigration officials, are on a high alert at the entry check points to ensure that, deviants do not take undue advantage of the situation in Togo to sneak into the country through his district; to cause mayhem.

Mr. Tahiru further assured that the Northern Regional Security Council in collaboration with the District Security Committee is planning to strengthen security in that part of the country.

As the opposition protestors are bent on furthering the protest today, it is expected that much more of the Togolese will be fleeing to Ghana for asylum through Chereponi and other parts of the Eastern Corridor area.

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