Tips On How To Stay Fashionable- Karen Kash

Everybody wants to dress well and stay fashionable at all times but not all are able to do that depending on the choice of clothes he or she wears daily whether to school, church, work, or events.

What might look good on someone might not be the same for you. And in order to be on point always you first of all need to know your body type as that would influence your choice of clothes.

This is why wardrobe stylist and CEO of Kash Boutique and Salon, Karen Kash has given tips on how to dress well and stay fashionable at all times.

Speaking at the National Women’s Show on Saturday, October 14 at the Accra International Conference Centre, she said fashion means to be unique, to stand out and to do things your own way by not following trends and try staying current by reusing and recreating new looks from old pieces.

Her first rule on how to be on point always is to know your body type and second is not to follow fashion trends.

Yes! Don’t follow fashion trends and for those who always follow up on trends, Karen is advising you to stop as that doesn’t help with what you wear.

In figuring out your shape and what to wear, first ask if you are a strawberry shape, apple shape, pear shape, rectangular shape, round shape or the hourglass shape.

Knowing this will be of great help to choose your dresses wisely and always be lovely by staying on point.

To know your body type and what to or not to wear, watch the video below as she gives tips on how to always rock in your dress.

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