This Video Shows Police Officer Openly Assaulting Woman Carrying a Baby

Ghana police men

It has been a trying week for the Ghana Police Service, but it appears their recent bad publicity will not end anytime soon after a video of an officer assaulting a hapless woman popped up on social media.

In the said video, the Police officer is captured beqting up a woman who was carrying a baby in her hands.

It is unclear what led to the incident, but the said woman appeared to have had a disagreement with the officer over an issue.

The one minute-twenty-seven minute (1:27) video which was apparently recorded by an onlooker captured the policeman beating the woman until some persons intervened to stop him.

However, the officer continued to abuse the lady, who in turn tightly held onto his shirt and refused to let go.

This incident comes at a time when the Police Service has been criticized for a number of actions, ranging from carelessness, misconduct and harassment.

Earlier this week, seven suspected armed were shot dead by the Police at Asawase in the Ashanti region.

The killing of the seven suspects sparked violent scenes in the area, with local resident vandalizing the Asawase police station in protest, having refuted claims by the Police that the deceased were armed robbers.

Also, some weeks back, another Police officer bordered a public transport whiles drunk and holding his rifle, leaving other passengers worried.

The latest video of an officer assaulting a woman is also bound to be condemned by the public.

No official statement has so far come from the Police hierarchy as at the time of this report.

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