This Is Serious! Ghanaian Couple Duped Due To Illiteracy With Their Son Taken Away To Slovenia!

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A Ghanaian couple have started a social media ‘Bring Back Our Son’ campaign after their son was fraudulently taken away from them by a woman working with some white people who capitalised on their illiteracy to cart Jeff away to Slovenia.

According to the couple, Kofi Benjamin and Comfort Authur, one Maa Lizzy promised them passage to ‘America Toronto’ alongside their one and a half year old son named Jeff. However, after a winding process in which they also paid Ghc 4,400, they were asked to sign some papers, and being illiterates, they could not ascertain the documents was leading to their child being taken to Slovenia and not where they thought.

In distress, they have started a campaign to mount pressure on Maa Lizzy and the white people who took part in abducting their son to return the little boy to them.

“I live with my wife and kids at Tema Dawhenya and we trade in Apketeshie.” Kofi recounted the issue on Hot Fm.

“One of our numerous customers by name Paa Kwesi aka Old Soldier told us that his mother by name Maa Lizzy is in the business of helping people seek greener pastures abroad; America Toronto. so he’ll tell her to help us. At the time, my wife had given birth to our second son Jeff, so I asked if it will be possible for us to go with our son.

“He called his mum and she said it was possible. Maa Lizzy told us that she has some white friends who take people abroad and are even interested in people with kids. The arrangement was for us to work eighteen years abroad. I wanted to tell my parents about it, but she told us not to tell our family because she doesn’t allow third parties in her business.

“She told us that since I am an electrician, I will pursue that career and my wife will be do house work on our arrival”, Kofi continued.

At this point, they were supposed to go to a court in Swedru to sign the relevant documents. Kofi was told not to come but that only his wife and Jeff were supposed to go along . At the signing, they were told only Jeff would be taken outside before they would later join.

“After going to the court,the woman deceived us by telling us that,they would like to go with only our son Jeff before later they would let us join our son.She took GHC4,400 from us that they would use it to facilitate our documents but the white people would take care of our son’s documents.”

After that, more documents were brought to sign. They gave it to a friend to read for them, who was unable to see the documents indicated Jeff was being taken to Slovenia and not ‘America Toronto’ as they had thought.

Despite making a report to the Tema Police station, nothing has happened and thus they are now planning to use the power of social media to get their son back.

Maa Lizzy, who took the child and handed him to the Slovenians, has refused to help them retrieve their son, only paying back the Ghc 4,400 they paid to her.

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