Things You Should Never Attempt In The Office


You can whine at home to your friends and family, but whining at work is a career killer . This doesn’t mean that you can’t complain about problems . When you complain, however, your complaint should identify a problem that is fixable with an action plan that you and your organization can implement. When you whine, it’s just whining and makes you look immature.


Yes, you want to become friendly with your coworkers. But, they don’t need to know all of your drama — whether it is relationship drama, family drama or medical drama. This doesn’t mean that you need to be a closed book, but it does mean keep the sharing of the drama under control.Telling your co-workers that you’re going through a divorce is okay. Sharing every detail about what your soon-to-be ex is doing is not. Keep business relationships professional.

Ignore Your Boss’s Warnings

When your boss says you need to come in on time, she really means it. When your boss says your attitude needs adjusting, it needs adjusting.When your boss says she wants you to focus on task A before going on to task B, you better make A, your priority. When you don’t pay attention to these warnings , you put your career on the line.

Always Say Yes

Your boss didn’t hire you because she needed a robot. She hired you because you had knowledge, skills, and abilities that make you great at what you do. This means you need to speak up and share your ideas. After you’ve expressed your doubts about an idea and your boss says she still wants you to do it her way, do it that way, but use your intellect to present new ideas.

Anything Illegal

We really shouldn’t have to say this , but so many people break so many laws all of the time, they obviously don’t think it’s a big deal. Think about speeding. Everyone does it, right? But don’t do it when you’re driving on company business. What about working off the clock? You shouldn’t do that either. Don’t sign things you’re not legally authorized to sign. Don’t do drugs. Don’t let regulations slide. Be a stickler for legality.

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