Students Get Into Trouble After Doing ‘One Corner’ Dance In Class

The craze has reached even school campuses and the students are jumping on it, although unfortunately for them, shaking their waists like they’re having fun comes with consequences.

13 students of the Islamic Senior High School (SHS) in Kumasi face suspension or worse, after they were summoned before the school’s Disciplinary Committee for dancing to the ‘One Corner’ song.

The students, nine males and four females, were captured in a video dancing along to Patapaa’s hit single in one of the school’s classrooms.

After the video went viral, school authorities sprung into action and invited the students and their parents for a meeting.

Following the meeting, it was agreed to refer the case to the school’s Disciplinary Committtee to carry out investigations. The school also forwarded the case to the Ashanti Regional Educational Directorate.

It’s currently not known what punishment would be proscribed for the offending kids, but being students at the Islamic SHS gives us a clue that whatever punishment comes out would be far from lenient.

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