This Story Of A Mother Whose Baby Was Born Without Eyes Will Move You To Tears

The story of Kiara Shanee, a mother who found out that her beautiful baby was born without eyes will really melt your heart.

Kiara’s baby, Kensley Ayanna was born without difficulties but a day after the birth, Kiara noticed something odd about her daughter’s eyes. She later learned that Kensley had been born with a rare condition known as Anophthalmia.

Baby Kensley (left), with her sister.


In an interview with Motherhood In Style, Kiara narrated how she had been excited to have a baby girl.

She started planning her whole life out in her head in preparation for the baby’s arrival. She said:

“Life was looking up and I couldn’t have asked for anything more. I ate all kinds of healthy foods, drank the best water, Google was life and avocado became my best friend lol.  It was a natural and easy birth and God blessed me with a beautiful baby girl – Kensley Ayanna. But I noticed something.. it was a big lump under her left eye and her eyes were swollen. I asked the nurses and doctors I saw that day and everyone told me it would go down, not to worry about it.”

However, Kiara pressed the doctors, wanting to know what was really wrong because she wanted her daughter to open her eyes. After a few days, medics were able to diagnose Kensley’s condition.

Kiara explained that she was so depressed by the news.

“Like what? Why me? Why her? But I soon realized what was best for her was me and what was best for me was her! Today I no longer have those questions. God makes no mistakes. During ultrasounds she would cover her face or turn her head because she was meant to be here. I will treat my daughter as normal because she is normal.”

Truly, no mother should ever give up on her child.

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Blindness aside, Baby Kensley is generally healthy.


Anophthalmia has been reported to be present in 3 out of every 100,000 births.

Some factors that lead to anophthalmia are maternal vitamin A deficiency and exposure to X-rays during pregnancy, Kiara concluded by emphasizing how she will do everything to make sure her baby gets the best life.

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“Kensley will have to work a little harder but yes, I will see to it as her mother that nothing stands in her way. For now, my eyes are hers and I will show my daughter nothing but how to be the strongest and smartest black woman there is with all the confidence in the world!”

Such an inspiration. We truly wish Kiara and her family all the best.

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