Stop Useless Parties And Use Your Birthday Celebrations To Plant Trees – Sir John Tells Ghanaians

Chief Executive Officer(CEO) of the Forestry Commission, Lawyer Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie is entreating Ghanaians to support government’s afforestation initiatives by devoting special occasions like birthday celebrations to planting trees.

According to Sir John as he is popularly known, it is important that Ghanaians give a lot of attention to the environment by contributing to the preservation of both land and the forest cover

‘’I want to entreat Ghanaians to take the issue of afforestation seriously by dedicating special moments such as their birthday celebrations to plant trees. Indeed when they invite guests to their special occasions, they should give them trees to plant. This will even make the event much more memorable’’ he said on an Accra based radio station and monitored by

He said the forestry commission has a lot of seedlings to be planted and urged willing Ghanaians to visit the commission and pick some for planting.

‘’We have limitless seedlings at the commission ready for planting and I am extending an invitation to Ghanaians to come and pick some and plant. This is how we can all contribute to make a green Ghana a reality. The commission alone cannot do it, we need the generality of the Ghanaian people to carry this through’’ he noted.

He explained that the government attaches a high level of seriousness and importance to the issue of afforestation, hence the recent employment of some 15 thousand youth across the country to support the initiative.

The move Sir John noted is aimed at reaping double benefits, to preserve the forest cover and to create employment for the youth, adding that measures are underway to employ more people in that regard.

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