Sports Betting in Ghana 


Ghana, like many other African countries is a sports hub, with soccer and boxing the most popular sports. In the country that has a population of just over 30 million, job opportunities are hard to come, despite efforts by the government to set up better infrastructural programs for the country’s unemployed youth. As a result, the majority of sports fans have found solace in the betting industry, with the industry now employing millions of adults and youths above the age of 18 years.


Betting options in Ghana

It is fair to say that the betting industry in Ghana is well regulated by the government, but betting companies have been given a free hand, provided they conduct their businesses according to the procedures laid down by the authorities. 

In terms of the prospects, Betway sports betting odds are among the most favorable according to most Ghanaians, but there are so many other available options. The growing interest in sports betting among sports fans has seen an influx of bookies thronging the scene. That includes land-based as well as online companies. In order to find the best bookmakers, punters narrow their search to four crucial points;

  • If the bookie provides attractive odds 
  • If there is a large variety of sports to bet on
  • Whether new customers are entitled to sign-up bonuses and promotions
  • How there is a responsive customer care service


Choosing a betting site in Ghana

There is an independent government agency tasked with regulating the betting industry in Ghana, but the manner in which dubious operators obtain operating licenses leaves a lot to be desired. It could give the country an economic advantage in terms of revenue, but it exposes innocent punters to the mercies of fraudsters. 

To be on the safe side, it is imperative that due diligence is observed at all times to ensure that you do not register with unscrupulous operators. Find out more about a website before giving out your personal details. Checking out associated reviews is a good way to start.

The legitimacy of a betting site can be verified through several parameters besides just customer reviews. Of importance, the site must provide proof that it is duly authorized to carry out betting activities in Ghana. A certified site typically indicates its status openly at the bottom or top of its official website for all visitors to see.

Also, gambling involves monetary transactions, and that translates to sharing of sensitive personal information. To that end, betting companies must ensure that they possess encryption of data certification to ensure that user data cannot fall into the hands of third parties, who may use the same for the wrong reasons. Established brands such as Betway provide these kind of details readily at their websites, so customers can get the assurance that their data is safe.

As at the beginning of the year 2020, Betway, 1XBET, 888 Sport, and Spin Sports were some of the leading betting sites providing a variety of markets for sports fans across the country. With the development of online mobile betting, it is predicted that the betting industry is set for a romp in the near future.

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