‘Social Media Will Always Produce More Moeshas, Side Chicks and Slay Queens’: Kwame Dzokoto

Popular Ghanaian television personality, and host of TV3’s ‘Edziban’, Seth Kwame Dzokoto, has spoken of Moesha Boduong’s interview with CNN.

The actress and model, in an interview with CNN is reported to have claimed that a number of women engage in relationships with the sole aim of securing financial aid.

Her comments generated debates from a cross-section of Ghanaians, most of who reportedly condemned her words.

Moesha Boduong

Kwame Dzokoto, however critically examined the issue, and claimed that there is an urgent need for the appreciation of a greater challenge.

Beginning with a condemnation of Moesha’s words, he went ahead to say that there is a new reality, which is essentially a new wave of cultural diversity.

This, he explained, has given rise to the introduction of the mushrooming of more Moesha’s, as the Ghanaian society isn’t ready to confront the challenge head on.

According to him, ladies who find themselves in such a situation lively largely on the benevolence of wealthy men who eventually take advantage of them.

He went on to say that some parents and guardians have lost control of their children, and this often results in a wayward lifestyle for several Ghanaian youths.

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