Social Media Apps Ghanaians Visit The Most

For close to 10 years, social media craze has slowly been creeping up on the Ghanaian populace.

This trend is also due to the widespread use of smartphones by almost everybody.

Below are the social media apps most used by Ghanaians.


Facebook is the social media app almost everybody is on. Even if you do not use the app frequently, you still have a Facebook account. Facebook is a way for people to connect wherever they are. Businesses have also taken to Facebook to market their wares to different groups of people. You are also sure to find inspirational quotes there.


This messaging app has changed the way Ghanaians interact with each other. Due to its policy of not using call credits, a lot of Ghanaians have found it super useful. Also, after introducing audio and video calls; people from anywhere can connect. Whatsapp is very necessary in today’s Ghana. If you want to know what’s happening, you need to have Whatsapp.


This social media app is mainly for pictures. It is at this social media place you can go if you need to see what’s happening with your friends. Celebrities in Ghana always use Instagram to ‘slay’. Instagram has also given the opportunity for photographers and models to ply their trade.


This is the site where people troll the most. Twitter is the social media app where people go to laugh, release tension and interact with different people. For a while now, breaking news has been delivered through Twitter. A lot of people do not like using it because they say it is difficult to use. However, those who use it cannot seem to stop.

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