Six Things To Avoid If You Have An Oily Skin

Oily skin isn’t the most pleasant thing to experience for both men and women who have it. One of the reasons is that it makes a person more prone to breakouts when those oils mingle with bacteria and also results in clogged pores and hair follicles. Most commonly women are the one to suffer from the oily skin, the reasons are quite simple, they apply pore-clogging makeup,hormonal fluctuations that are the result after using birth control pills, as well as pregnancy and menopause.

Before you give up, there are actually several things that you can do with oily skin to keep the situation under control. Here is our list:


1. Stop using hot water to wash your face

At first this might seem wrongful but in reality hot water actually does more harm than good for oily skin. The reason is hot water dries your skin out, and what skin does in return is it compensates with increased production of floods of oil. At the same time cold water isn’t the best to clean your face either, so it’s best to use moderately warm water instead.


2. Keep heat and humidity exposure under control

These 2 factors, heat and humidity, are also your worst enemies when it comes to oily skin. They cause you to sweat, which in return exacerbates oily skin. As if this wasn’t enough, heat and humidity may even cause heat rash. How this happens is your sweat glands get closed off due to them being trapped whenever you’re in tight clothing or dressings. One recommendation to tackle this issue is using a night cleanser that contains salicylic acid in it. Apply at night, before bedtime, the reason is salicylic acid make your skin more sensitive to the sun.


3. Quit Smoking

It is a widely regarded fact that smoking and even exposure to cigarette smoke can worsen your oily skin condition. What smoking does is it depresses your body’s levels of vitamin A, which is vital to the healthy skin. So what does vitamin A do? It helps keeping the sebaceous glands found in your skin from over-making sebum, which is essentially a mix of fats and oils. Another useful feature of vitamin A is that it helps your skin cells slough off when they “expire”. Acne is a result of increased amount of dead skin cells mixed with an abundance of oil.


4. Avoid Popping Pimples

We know how tempting it is to pop that newly appeared pimple, especially when it comes out of nowhere when you least expect it. What squeezing a pimple does is that it leads to angry red marks and scars.


5. Be Cautious With Astringents

Even in cases with super oily skin you should stay away from astringents as much as possible, unless your skin is in extreme cases of oily. Dermatologists insist that you should only apply astringent once per week. Unfortunately, astringents will cause dry take skin to the point where it will produce even more oil on top of the one you already have.


6. Stay away from harsh soap

In reality the majority of bar soaps are way too harsh for people who experience oily skin. They are especially noxious if you happen to have both oily and sensitive skin. What you should use is mild and fragrance-free cleanser. Consider to avoid vigorously scrubbing your face when taking a shower or bath. This results in irritated skin and also strips it of the oils that are needed to stay supple.

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