Seven Lies Ghanaian Men Tell If They Like A Lady!! #1 Is Tricky

Trust Ghanaian men to do or say anything just to land a lady they like.

Here are eight lies Ghanaian ladies should expect to hear if Ghanaian men set their sights on them.

1. You look familiar

smiling Girl

This is the ultimate pick up line for Ghanaian guys. Every pretty lady looks familiar.

2. I’m single


He CANNOT risk saying he has a girlfriend.

3. I’m having issues with my girlfriend


He is in a serious relationship.

4. I just want us to be friends

Michelle Obama

That how it begins.

5. I want to know you more


He wants you in his bed.

6. I’ve never met anyone like you


Don’t just “think far”.

7. I’m not like other guys


He’s worse than they are.

8. I love you

Kim Khardasian

Save it.

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