All Set For Maiden Ghana Shoemakers Fair And Shoe Fashion 2017

Fashion runway all over the world is mostly centered on clothes, swimwear and a miniscule focus mainly for accessories showcased or elegantly strutted on the runway by models.

Runway shows has however evolved, incorporating shows for fashion accessories such as fashionable watches, jewelry, Shoes, and bags for cosmopolitan fashion lovers.

Men’s boot made in GhanaOn the 3-4 of November at Seriallo in Osu, consummate marketing and events suite, Synergia360imc will host a smorgasbord of Ghanaian Entrepreneurs who are into carefully crafted contemporary shoes uniquely made here in Ghana with sought after designed to last leather brand of shoes, flats, slippers and stilettos for women, Brogues, Monk-strap, Boots, Espadrille for men and kids shoes for any occasion.

The Gh. Shoemakers fair 2017, first of its kind, will host patrons with enormous buying power, and fashion icons, influencers who set trends in shoe fashion, on the runway.Connecting creative shoe entrepreneurs to business leaders, fashionistas, influencers, promoting Ghanaian brand of shoes.

Exhibitors are to contact Synergia360IMC for any further information:

0266 86 82 61
020 04 579 66

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