Selly Schools ‘Boss Chicks’ About Marriage And Love

Ghanaian actress and television presenter, Selorm Galley is advising young women to change their perception that they don’t need men in their lives.

Stop lying to yourself; you need a man — Selly schools ‘Boss Chicks’

Selly and husband, Big J

According to Selly, the best fulfillment in a woman’s life is to settle with a stable man she can call her own for the rest of her life.

The TV presenter who got married recently appears to be enjoying every bit of her marriage life.

Selly who is inspired by her marriage on Thursday took to her Instagram page to advice the so-called ‘Boss Chicks’ around town.

“I hear a lot of women say marriage is not for every woman and I shake my head. To this, I disagree entirely. The institution of marriage, building a family is for every woman. The issue lies with finding the right man to spend the rest of your life with”, the actress said.

Selley also argued that women were created for men, therefore a lot more ladies are lying to themselves if they claim they don’t need men in their lives.

She also indicated that it should be the dream of every woman to settle down and have a family.

“We were created for men. So dear woman, don’t live your life as if you don’t need a stable man in it. You know you’re lying to yourself. The “boss chick” kind of life. Every woman wants to feel loved and settle down and have a family before death,” Selly advised.

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