‘Who Says It Is Enjoyable To Stand Before You Wearing A Mask’ – Anas Aremeyaw Anas

Ace investigative writer Anas Aremeyaw Anas has said that he despises wearing a cover each time however he must choose between limited options.

The popular Ghana investigative journalist said this at the Second National Media Festival Organized by the Press Foundation, TPF.

He explained that he would love to walk around without a mask and socialise with people but that is not possible because of the path he has chosen.

“My kind of journalism is extreme and I can see that from your faces. I do what I do because I’m a product of my society. Everything I do is what has been mirrored back to me by you. I think that we have an extreme disease. So we set off for that mission to film or to investigate. Who is says it is enjoyable to be standing before you wearing a mask. I would have loved to remove it, walked with, spoken to you and all that.  But it is not a bed of roses. We have to understand that if the frontiers of democracy are going to be pushed it must be a collective effort.”

Anas added that in the course of his ‘name, shame and jail’ agenda he may have offended some relations of people. He said it was necessary it happened but also apologised for it.

“I know some of you are not happy because I’ve dealt with some of your relatives. I will apologise. I’m sorry. But it was necessary because the impact on the lives of other people cannot be measured. It could happen to anybody. Fairness is a very important ingredient that would lead to our country developing. Lack of this element is a straight way to chaos.”

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