Sarkodie Blamed for the Leak of His Poor-quality Wedding Photos

The photos are blurred and of very low quality which do not fit Sarkodie’s brand as a successful musician.

In one of the photos, Sarkodie was sitting far away and was unaware the photo was being taken, as if the photographer had gone there to rob Sarkodie’s image with his mobile phone.

Many people are wondering why that could be so, and others are even furious that such poor quality photos of Sarkodie could go viral.

One of them is Mix Master Garxy, a record producer behind many hits songs in Ghana including those of Sarkodie.

Mix Master Garzy has faulted the man behind the leaked poor quality photos of Sarkodie, saying that it is bad such photos are going intentional.

This photo, for instance, looks like the snapper was there to steal Sarkodie's image. Photo credit: Sourced

This photo, for instance, looks like the snapper was there to steal Sarkodie’s image. Photo credit: Sourced

According to him, the one behind the leaked photos should have waited for the couple to release their own good quality photos, and expressed disappointment in him.

Having said this, Garzy went ahead to also blame Sarkodie for the poor quality photos circulating on social media.

He wondered why Sarkodie had still not shared pictures from the wedding which reportedly took place on Tuesday, July 17, 2018.

According to the mix master, Sarkodie’s delay in releasing pictures caused the unfortunate thing of his poor wedding photos going viral on the internet.

Mix Mater Garzy wrote: “…But Sark koraa you keep long dodo. You know how these people be. And till now yourself you no post anything and they are just spreading these low key pcitures. Ahh I’m just sad.”

Producer Mix Master Garzy's post. Photo credit: Sourced

Producer Mix Master Garzy’s post. Photo credit: Sourced

Some of the photos, especially of Tracey Sarkcess have been watermarked with the brand name “Kobby Kyei”, as the one who took them.

Kobby Kyei or whoever is behind the leaked photos is sure to have trouble with the new couple and their families.

Sarkodie has finally tied the knot with his long-time sweetheart, Tracey Sarkcess, after dating for twelve years.

They have a beautiful daughter, Adalyn Owusu Addo, affectionately called Titi.

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