The Sad Story of 4 Ghanaians Ladies Who Returned From Kuwait With ‘Mental Issues’ (Video)

Reports suggest some four female Ghanaians have returned from Kuwait with some form of amnesia. The four ladies are said to have flown back into the country from Kuwait in an Emirates Airline.

One of the ladies as depicted in a video circulating on facebook is seen acting in an unusual manner at the Kotoka International airport where their flight landed.

The lady pursues another who was seated in one of the seats at the terminal, an act that drew the attention of security personnel who led her out of the premises.

That seems to not have stopped the lady who returned to the terminal, this time repeatedly shouting ‘Jesus’ while shaking her body vehemently with wide opened eyes.

It is still unclear why these girls journeyed initially to Kuwait, why they returned or the reason for their current memory loss.

It is suspected however that it may be an incidence of trafficking. Some crook travel agents in Ghana often make travel arrangements for girls to work outside the country as housemaids.

These agents entice the ladies with money-spinning offers which turn out mostly to be otherwise when they get to their destinations.

Watch video below

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