Registration For The National ID Starts November- Mahamudu Bawumia

Government will commence registration of the national identity card in November 2017 this was said by the  Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawnmia, ther was a change in date from september 2017.

Dr. Bawumia explained that the change in date is due to a decision to first complete the National Addressing System, which will be a critical input in gathering of data for the National ID exercise.

“By November God willing, the next bit of digitization will be the National ID Card. That is very critical, and we are hoping to try the addressing thing launched before the National ID, so that when you come to register for the National ID, we will have your address as well so that we will put it there [in the data].

Dr. Bawumia made the assertion during the launch of a training programme for National Service Personnel into the National Communications Authority (NCA), in Accra.

He added that the National Addressing System will start in October while Mobile Interoperability starts in November.

“It is all digitizing in Ghana; we are moving to get these things done. The National ID is very critical for everything that we are going to do going forward. Whether its health, whether its education , taxation; everything will now be dependent on your National ID number, which will be your unique ID which will follow you from birth all the way to death,” he stressed.

Dr. Bawumia disclosed that the move to digitize all of government’s operations have proved successful as initial assessment of the paperless system at the ports increased Ghana’s revenue collection.

“The results are amazing. We just looked at data this morning – first week of collections under the paperless system in September this year compared to last year first week of collections in September 2016, and collections have gone up by 56 percent; 56 percent from around GHc130 million to GHc213 million in one week,” he noted.

He maintained that government is poised to achieve all the targets in digitization activities of state institutions and government agencies for maximum results.

He refered to for instance that the versatile interoperability will open the money related part and urged the casual division to be incorporated into the financial information of the nation for exact gauge.

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