Read The Story Of The Man Who Found Out His Bride-to-be Was His Cousin Few Days To Their Wedding

This probably could be the most depressing thing that ever walked this earth— having the guts to proceed to marry someone and swear before God’s Holy altar that you will be with them for eternity is huge as it stands so when a couple is hit with any haplessness, it leaves a threatening dent on their lives forever.

One Elliot Adanu from a part of the Eastern Region has shared with the world what he would be dealing with for the rest of his life.

According to Elliot, he met and fell in love with a lady at a hospital in London when he was still pursuing his Masters and they dated for six years, with marriage bells chiming in every now and then.

He recounts that he was the happiest living creature and flew in Ghana to meet the family of his bride to be ahead of the wedding only to be shocked to the marrow.

“I was the happiest man on earth. All my life I had never met such a lovely lady in my life before, she was more than a God-sent to me that I thought it was now time to finally settle down with the woman of my life.”

So they boarded a flight to Accra and spent time together at his apartment in Achimota, then visited her family only to find out that her family members were all known faces.

“Initially I was stunned. I did not know what was happening so I excused myself for a minute and called her on the phone to come over. I asked if those people were truly her family and she answered in the affirmative.”

According to the narration which was shared on Yen News online portal, Elliot said that was the gravest disappointment in his life.

“It was the gravest disappointment in my life. I nearly fainted but I gathered the courage to approach her father who carried me in his arms when I was a young boy. I guess he had lots of stuff running through his mind.”

“I just sat in my car and drove off in tears. I am still heartbroken and just don’t know what to do or who else to fall in love with again, what should I do?”

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