Read About DJ Black’s Fitness and Healthy Journey

DJ Black's Slim And Healthy Journey

We often hear stories about weight loss which sometimes leave us wowed! Most of us wonder how most people go about loosing weight drastically. unfortunately some people fall victim of scams to easy ways to lose weight. Here is a reliable DJ Black’s story of weight lost which is inspiring.

2014 Africa’s Best DJ and host of Open House Party on Joy FM, Kwadwo Ampofo, popularly known as DJ Black took up the challenge to shed off excess fat and in just three and a half months, he has lost an amazing 25 kilos!

It may sound easy but only hard work can accomplish such a feat.

DJ Black, Ghana’s number one DJ, shares an inspirational story about his ‘slimming course’ on Joy FM’s Sunday afternoon health program Ultimate Health with Nortey Dua.

In the beginning
I used to see myself as a fat and chubby guy in pictures at a point in time. Then I decided that health-wise it wasn’t too healthy gaining all this pounds, eating late, breathing heavily and sitting down for long due to the nature of our job.

A lot of people find it difficult going to the gym to exercising so I decided to form a healthy lifestyle which can fit into my daily routine so I can maintain it, otherwise, I cannot do it. I discovered a form of exercise I could continue and enjoy doing which is swimming combined with jogging.

But before that, I had to learn how to close my mouth, seek advice from my doctors and advised myself on 80% dieting and 20% exercise — that is to resist food temptation and influence. Though there’s a lot of work to do from waking up early to no junk food, I have included significant changes in my lifestyle, STRICT DISCIPLE, and HARD WORK.

I keep changing my fitness goals so that I keep variation in my exercise regime and don’t get bored. Fitness is a journey, not a destination. You have to keep going as it is a way of life. And once you achieve your desired body, you have to keep working to maintain it.

I am really passionate to maintain my fitness. The motivation comes from this desire. I wish to maintain at least less than 10 percent whole body fat.

There are no limits to the human body. You can get any kind of results you desire. You just have to put in hard work.

If you have resolutions as part of your New Year health resolutions make sure you stick to it and get results, it shouldn’t just be one of every year’s resolution.

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