Rawlings patches up with Accra Mayor after public snub

Rawlings Angry About Death Reports

Former President Jerry John Rawlings has extended an olive branch to the Accra Mayor two days after he humiliated him in public.

Observing the dissolution of Ghana’s sixth Parliament on January 6 midnight, the former leader walked to Alfred Oko Vanderpuiye to reconcile with him.

The former Ghanaian leader on Thursday made the news when he rebuffed the outgoing Accra Mayor at the forecourt of Parliament.

Mr Vanderpuije attempted to hold a conversation with Mr Rawlings when he was making his way into the Chamber but things did not pan out as expected.
Mr Rawlings gestured in a manner that showed he was not in the mood to entertain the Accra Mayor.

Video of the incident went viral on social media triggering mixed reactions from Ghanaians. While sections of Ghanaians lauded the former Ghanaian for his actions, others said he could have done better.

Juana Boateng wrote on Facebook that:

“Witticism in parliament

I couldn’t help but laugh my heart out when I watched the trending video of H.E Rawlings and Alfred Oko Vanderpuije. Indeed, His Excellency Rawlings is a forthright person who speaks and acts freely on sentiments and issues he deems not right. …..read more.”

Also Tony Yeby wrote that:

“OOH HOOH! Mr.Abogyes3, 3de3 nnwew3anim nso no no.You now receive your smoothness level.”

But in a surprising development, Mr Rawlings approached Mr Vanderpuije to interact with him resulting in a reconciliation.

The Accra Mayor told media minutes after the “patch up” that the former Ghanaian leader told him to ignore what he did to him on Thursday. He, however, did not disclose the rest of the conversation.

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