The Ranking Of The Most Terrorized Countries In Africa

Since 2012, a report called Global Terrorism Index has been published by the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP)

The index provides a comprehensive summary of the key global trends and patterns in terrorism. It produces a composite score in order to provide an ordinal ranking of countries on the impact of terrorism. It is an attempt to systematically rank the nations of the world according to terrorist activity. The index combines a number of factors associated with terrorist attacks to build an explicit picture of the impact of terrorism, illustrating trends, and providing a data series for analysis by researchers and policymakers.


Since 2002, terrorist activity has increased markedly in Africa in terms of both the number of attacks and fatalities.

The vast majority of countries in the Sub-Saharan Africa have experienced at least one terrorist attack with 37 countries impacted. Notwithstanding this, in 2016, there were 4,715 deaths as a result of 1,450 attacks, which is an increase since 2002, when the sub-Saharan Africa region witnessed 91 attacks that caused 309 deaths. Nigeria and Somalia have experienced both the highest numbers of attacks and the highest death toll in the last 15 years primarily due to Boko Haram and al-Shabaab. Of the 35,559 people killed in terrorist attacks since 2002, 65 percent of the fatalities and 70 percent of the attacks occurred in these two countries. Although Nigeria and Somalia have seen the highest numbers of fatalities, attacks in Chad and Niger have been the deadliest. In each country respectively, there has been an average of 12 and 11 people killed per attack compared to six deaths in Nigeria and two in Somalia. Boko Haram is the deadliest group in the region and claimed approximately half of the deaths since 2002. Al-Shabaab is second deadliest group in killing 4,139 people since 2002


NOTE: This ranking below is a continent based ranking. It’s a different game on the full list of other countries.

1. Nigeria

2. Somalia

3. Democratic Republic of Congo

4. South Sudan

5. Cameroon

6. Central African Republic

7. Niger

8. Kenya

9. Ethiopia

10. Mali

11. Burundi

12. Chad

13. Mozambique

14. Burkina Faso

15. Uganda

16. South Africa

17. Republic of the Congo

18. Cote d’Ivoire

19. Tanzania

20. Madagascar

21. Rwanda

22. Senegal

23. Djibouti

24. Guinea

25. Sierra Leone

26. Lesotho

27. Ghana

28. Zimbabwe

29. Angola

30. Liberia

31. Guinea-Bissau

32. Benin

33. Botswana

34. Equatorial Guinea

35. Eritrea

36. Gabon

37. Malawi

38. Mauritania

39. Mauritius

40. Namibia

41. Namibia

42. Swaziland

43. The Gambia

44. Togo

45. Zambia

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