How To Prepare Watermelon Light Soup

Here is how to prepare watermelon light soup.


1. Watermelon.
2. Pureed Onions.
3. Ginger.
4. Pepper.
5. Prekese.
6. Smoked mackerel.
7. Beef.


1. To a pot add your choice of meat, ginger, pepper, smoked mackerel, pureed onions, salt, prekese and some water.

2. Steam your meat for approximately 15 minutes.

3. Next, remove the ginger and pepper from the pot and blend. After blending pour the ginger and pepper mix back into the pot.

4. Next take your watermelon, blend, and then pour it into the pot.

5. Cook for 1 hour, and then serve.

Now follow this step-by-step video to make the watermelon light soup.


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