How To Prepare Asaana (Caramelized Corn Drink) At Home

Asaana is a Ghanaian drink made from fermented corn and caramelized sugar. Its refreshing and tastes great. You need these few ingredients to prepare asaana.
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  • 1 Cup of Fermented corn
  • Water
  • 2 Cups of Sugar
  • Milk (optional)

To get the fermented corn, soak crushed corn in water for about 3 days for it to ferment.

Boil the fermented corn for about 30-40 minutes.(To know whether the corn is ready, the foam on top will clear).

Next, pour the sugar in a saucepan and make sugar syrup(make sure it turns dark brown)

Then strain the water from the boiled corn and add it to the saucepan containing syrup and stir.

Strain the chaff with a muslin cloth and store in a fridge.

serve with ice cubes and milk

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