Pre Wedding Photo of Ghanaian Man Carrying His ‘Heavy-duty’ Bride Over His Shoulders Stirs ‘Confusion’ Online


The new trend in town before a man and a woman get married is to employ the services of a photographer to take pictures of them mostly in matching clothes.

The trend has grown so fast and has created a lot of jobs for photographers since many couples are looking to outdo each other in the photo shoots.

The creativity of these shoots have also taken an upward trend judging by how such issues are discussed on social media nowadays.

It has become almost like fashion and a normal thing to see soon-to-be couples wearing matching football jerseys, African-inspired clothing and sometimes, funny costumes just to ‘break the internet’ with their pre-wedding photos.

A recent pre-wedding photo that has started going viral on the internet has caused massive debate over the particular pose in which the soon-to-be husband and wife found themselves in.

Many people who saw the picture were shocked at the amount of strength the man was using to pull off such a ‘difficult’ feat.

In the never-attempted-before pose, the man and woman were dressed in matching clothes and looked very happy together.

However, it was the lady who seemed to be enjoying the moment most since she was being carried high in the sky and was seen beaming with smiles.

Pre-wedding photos have now become a thing in Ghana and in Africa in general as it plays a vital role in announce the wedding of a couple.

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