Photos of Osei Kwame Despite’s Wife Pop Up

The photos of Aunt Ewurama, as Despite’s is called, have been trending since they appeared online.

It will be recalled that Despite, as part of his philanthropic work, donated a children’s block to the 37 Military Hospital.

It was there that Aunty Ewurama, fairl-looking beauty was discovered after she was called to assist her husband in handing over the new block to hospital’s administration.

Talk of cars, houses and all other things, Despite is known to have a very good taste and clearly these photos of his wife are a testimony to that.

Auntie Ewurama helps her husband to receive an award from the 37 Military Hospital.

Auntie Ewurama poses for the cameras.

Auntie Ewurama helps her husband to cut a cake at the ceremony.

She is just beautiful. Isn’t she?

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