PATHETIC!! See What Drug Addiction Has Done To Iconic, Former Black Stars Player, Abu Imoro!! (+Photos)

There is a saying that the start of life although important but not as compared to the end of your life. You can start life brilliantly but if care is not taken, you will end misery because of some poor decisions that cumulatively can destroy your life.

Abu Imoro undoubtedly is one of the best midfielders that has ever graced the Black Stars of Ghana team. He played for the team in the 1980’s. And he was paid well for it. Unfortunately, his life has been reduced to that of a pauper because of hard drugs he ventured into.


Abu Imoro Played for Real Tamale United and the Black Stars in the 80’s. He was so good on the field of play that he was named after the French football legend, Jean Tigana by his loyal fans

But it was so unfortunately that with all his brilliance and discipline as a player, he couldn’t maker smart decisions in his life off the pitch.


Not only has he lost his shine but he has been reduced to a beggar who only survives by eating the scraps of his former teammates.

Answering the question by the TV3 team who interviewed him on how he survives, Abu Imoro said:

“I sometimes go to Abedi, he will receive me well and give me transportation. So I am expecting them to help me a lot, even if a little self, I can force myself to come up”.


Abubakari Damba a former teammate of Imoro who takes care of him sometimes also had a something to say about him

“Abu Imoro you see here was my senior in the national team that we have to take a lot of lessons from. In those days he was a champion in his own class”, he said.

.“He’s a real role model but let us look at only the negatives. What he has gotten into if others get themselves into, this is how they would end up if not worse. We are still trying; we still want to get him out of this situation”.


The Tv3 team met Abu Imoro at the Wembley Park in Kotobabi where he frequents to see Damba. From information gathered, they used to worship Imoro in that neighborhood and adored him for his skills with the football back in his day.

In his 50s now, he looks unkempt with an oversized trouser that you could fit his whole body in.It understandable that football players were not earning as much as players today earn but many cautious players were able to make something out of their life. Take Damba and Abedi for example.

Imoro believes telling his life history will help the young talented Ghanaians to make right choices when they hit the limelight and the money start pouring in.

“When I went into drugs, I regretted it very much. I will advise them not to go near drugs. They are now coming up and if you want to play, don’t move into drugs keep yourself out”, Imoro says softly.

There are tales in the Kotobabi neighborhood about how he would return from Black Stars trips, get into a car and spill around money to the adulation of cheering youth


Speaking further to the TV3 team, Abubakar Damba said:

“He found himself in drugs when I talk about drugs I mean hard drugs,” he told TV3.
“You asked if he had money, yes he had money because he was driving his own car, he had his own house, family, wife, and child. He was living a very comfortable life but the influence of drugs got him where he is today.

“Did he have the right people around to advise him? That is a question we need to answer? For me, I think it’s a very unfortunate episode. Young boys and girls coming up should learn from this. The state he is in is not good. This is a living example for us especially the footballers,” Damba concluded.

The life of Abu Imoro is very pathetic one indeed and should be a lesson to all youngsters. They choices you make today will determine how you end.

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