Parliarment Endorses Amidu

Mr. Martin A.K.B Amidu got closer to being named the special prosecutor after The Appointment Committee of Parliament unanimously endorsed the nominee for Special Prosecutor, Mr. Martin A.K.B Amidu. Mr. Amidu received overwhelming support from MPs from both the NDC and NPP who sat on the committee. The approval came after Mr. Amidu endured 9 hours of grueling scrutiny by the members of the house.

 The approval by the Appointment Committee will now have to be endorsed by the plenary of the house before Mr Amidu officially begins work.

Anti-graft campaigner, Mr Amidu was nominated by President Akufo-Addo to be the first Special Prosecutor. This was in fulfillment of a campaign promise by the President during the 2016 general elections.

The Office is also expected to help reduce the workload on existing investigative agencies and, thereby, enhance their effectiveness.

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