Parents Only: How to Sterilize Baby’s Feeding Bottle to Avoid Bacteria Build Up

Important points before you start sterilizing

Before you jump right in and start sterilizing your baby’s feeding gear, there are some points to consider.

1. Watch out for BPA
Plastics can contain BPA and other nasty chemicals that when heated, leach through your babies formula or milk. Studies have linked BPA to development problems in young children.

Because the most common methods of sterilization rely on heat, it is vital that you look for baby bottles that are BPA free. Many mothers choose to use glass bottles as they widely considered the safest for young babies.

2. Always sterilize brand new bottles
Just because a bottle is brand new does not mean that it is immediately germ-free. Whenever a new bottle or nipple enters your home, be sure to properly sterilize it using the methods below before giving it to your baby.

3. Be extra vigilant if your baby has been sick
If your baby has recently come down with cold or flu you will want to ensure that your sterilizing method is up to scratch. You do not want to reinfect your baby with germs from his bout of sickness.

4. Sterilize glass baby bottles
Unless the instructions indicate the contrary, glass baby bottles can be sterilized the same way as plastic baby bottles using any of the methods below.

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